Friday, 25 October 2013

This Thursday's Market

This benefitted from participation from several sources creating the feel of plenty going on. One of these was the mysterious (to me) group of older men and one woman calling themselves the Rotary campaigned around the town blowing whistles and waving models of flowers, in favour bringing an end to polio. They seemed to disappear at about mid-day. They added great 'colour' to the market.

Alongside their stall Uncle Tim is now running a regular stall every Thursday and Saturday selling practical children's toys. Being a 'local' of many years standing, he is able to engage other locals and visitors with a great sales patter and secures a good number of sales. He had a new line in Kites which requed no sticks. Hoping to test one out today. Geoff persevered with his clarinet from approx 10:30 and is becoming a regular feature every Market Day.

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