Friday, 4 October 2013

'Hating Britain'

This week the news has been dominated by the Daily Mail’s coverage of Ed Miliband’s father - in which the paper said he "hated Britain".

Alastair Campbell, former comms advisor to Tony Blair, went on the BBC's Newsnight to debate the story. Instead of Paul Dacre, the Daily Mail’s editor, coming to the studio his deputy was put forward. The Daily Mail spokesman said the coverage was justified because Ed Miliband seeks to be Prime Minister and so it was in the public interest - while others argue it was an unjustified attack on a dead man who fought for his country.

Campbell has started a petition on issuing a challenge to Paul Dacre to go on TV and debate the story and the Mail’s role in public life. He says: “I’m hoping that if enough of us call on him to do so, Paul Dacre will agree to come into a TV studio and debate, face to face, why he thought it was appropriate to trash the name of a dead man who fought for his country”.
What do you think? Would you like to see these two major public figures debating on TV?
Click here to add your name to call for a TV debate between Campbell and Dacre.
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If this refers to the Falklands war then I too believe we have no business occupying the Falklands. I see it as a provocative posture to the Argentinians. The world more than ever needs reconciliation rather than conflict. Thatcher's aggressive attitude did much to encourage many of us to 'hate' Britain.

Increasingly I find the media as stirring up trouble and exaggerating 'the facts' rather than providing helpful information. This is why I do this blog - so as to provide a platform for those that find that the attitudes of the Evening Mail, the Westmorland Gazette, the BBC both radio and television etc as unacceptable much of the time which is why I rarely read/listen to them.

I have enough 'news' going on immediately around me in the people I meet on a day to day basis.

People like The Mail that write such stuff are scum.


Heinrich Agrippa said...

I know Paul Dare,he is a dull gray vacuous man that is not capable of intellectual debate,the kind of man that would stare at a piece of paper for an hour if an art teacher said"draw anything you want"
bereft of any vestige of imagination.
The Daily Mail is pastel shaded drivel for the terminally confused lower middle classes,however it would not exist if the mindless did not want it and bought it.
Good luck fighting those windmills Geoff,try Eddie Shah for more info on Dacre,long story I can give up to you but may carry more weigh coming from Eddie Shah.

Albert Atk. said...

If you hate the country then piss off back to France. Everything I ever read about Milliband Snr tells me he truly hated this country and joined the Navy because, as a Marxist he was not fighting FOR UK but AGAINST fascism. Scum? Not a patch on the retards who rejoiced in the street at the death of M Thatcher. If only we had a leader of her calibre now.

Geoff Dellow said...

Who said anything about hating the country, quite the opposite. I may not approve of some things that are in in the UK's name but that's normal for anyone who has a thought out opinion. Again Marxists can be very principled people: people who care deeply about thier neighbours which is why they speak out. Similarly Thatcher spoke out for what she believed in. We need all of them but don't necessarily follow them blindly.

Heinrich Agrippa said...

Je pense Albert vous aime.
Thatcher etait une obscenite.

Heinrich Agrippa said...

I am wasting money in an internet cafe,asilly hope that an old school friend will do the right thing.
pointless hoping.
it will be a week/10 days before I am back.
you talk of newspapers,that is a good example of the world being messed up beyond repair,people do not want to think.
I would be ashamed to work for The Sun and yet it has a circ of 3.5 mil.
being dumb means being happy,I am sure Sun Readers are happy after their daily intake of drivel.
When I was a teenager I would say my brain was empty rather than being dumb.
I will leave you with a happy thought to get Guardian Readers going if you get bored.
You talk of somebody building a wind turbine I wanted to build one,however how do they store the power it generates ? Lead Acid Batts.....Danger Pb poisoning.
I may even smile today 60 morally bankrupt obscenities may be fired today.
You talk of Marxism it will never work as we meaning the human race are flawed and greedy.
People want ignorance,I see on a French website today they are talking about Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus,no talent plastic pop stars,what happened to George Brassens and his kind?.
That is the world for you,I would make a wonderful Mad Cat Lady,nice to those I encounter but a total disconnect from the world.
I see yesterday the CEO of God Inc talking about the people that drowned of Lampadusa blah blah blah he is not inviting them to The Vatican.
Take Care and good luck fighting those windmills,you cannot win but in makes you happy and that is something I have not known since Nov 8th 2002.

Geoff Dellow said...

Note Chris, I believe the electricity generated by wind turbines will be like that generated by solar panels :it is fed directly into the system and not stored.