Monday, 28 October 2013

Refreshing to hear

A family became very angry at the way a farmer again cut his hedge, leaving thorns all along a narrow lane which they use regularly.

Most people would do nothing and just moan. They phoned the police expecting them to come and see what had happened.

They did - all the way from Windermere  - and listened carefully to their complaint and took the matter seriously.

It really is worth while following up a legitamate complaint.

We have an excellent police force in this area. They will take action if the issue warrants it.

Don't sit at home and spit fire. Do something! Much of the time it works. We really can all work together and get those that show little respect for others to change - or face the consequences.


Anonymous said...

Where an authority itself is responsible for hedge, tree or verge cutting, it will follow its good practice
guidelines, inspection regime and a system for keeping records. It is likely that it will stick to them
closely at the recommendation of their insurers. This is not the case in this area.
They employ cowboys !!!!

Geoff Dellow said...

In this case it's a farmer

Anonymous said...

Just as in road repairs ,the SlDC do not always ensure their contractors clean up.
We know hedges need cutting for safety purposes but as I was taught many years ago " The job isn't finished till you have cleaned up!