Monday, 21 October 2013

How much longer ?

How much longer will we be greeted by this out of date image of our mayor?

This is the picture that you see if you go to the Ulverston Town Council website.

Despite having been pointed out to our Town Clerk, Jayne Kendal, two months ago it continues to feature. Isn't it time to keep our Town's website up to date? Come on Jayne, you're usually so efficient though websites have never been your strong point.

Our actual Mayor, Mrs Judith Pickthall and her deputy Cllr Helen Irving who will become mayor next year, were part of a great new initiative last Tuesday at 11.30 am at the Factory shop. The idea is for the mayor and the councillors from each ward to attend a location in that ward in order to get a chance for the residents to talk to them.

At the same time they sought to publicise the Super Saturday Markets on the first Saturday of each month. There have now been two: the last was a resounding success with the reduced car parks charge of only £1:40 for the day attracting a lot of visitors to the town. Mayor Pickthall was rightly very proud to point out that on both market days SLDC had collected more cash from car park fees at the reduced rate by increased usage than the much higher unbusinesslike rate which has been killing off our town's trade.

Sadly SLDC gain more cash by having a sane charging policy whilst The Town Council are having to finance the extra attractions on these days that have helped pull the crowds in. Our mayor's initiative is to be applauded.


Anonymous said...

They seem to have retained the "Glamour Girl"
A wonderful Lady.

Geoff Dellow said...

Jayne Kendall thanked me for my suggestion that she removes the erroneous photo. When the above photo goes - it's gone - it comes directly from the UTC site.

Norman Hill said...

If local businesses and local people support the monthly Saturday Market initiative this could be most beneficial for all - traders, customers, local businesses and development of further community arts projects.
I see great potential in this venture - how refreshing to witness some progressive ideas being put into practice.
Well done Ulverston - wake up Barrow!
Really enjoy reading your blogs, Geoff - thoughtful stuff.

Geoff Dellow said...

Many thanks Norman.