Sunday, 20 October 2013

Persimmons again

Yes I've got it in for you again.

Please don't waste your lawyer's time in writing warning letters to me. Take me straight to court: this page isn't coming down. There's a small minority that share my view and welcome somewhere that comes out and says it in 'black and white'.

In my view, you, like so many organisations in our culture including our government, are guilty of brain washing: persuading many of the public to buy something they need, like they need a whole in the head, like a noose round their neck.

Yes, in my view, first time buyers need the chance to buy a home, but not a massive mortgage that will create enormous strains to their finances, their self esteem, their relationships and their long term ability to cope. The temptation of a 5% deposit is in my view immoral. Buyers are invited to be part of what is being called the Housing Bubble. Why - because I believe it is almost certainly going to burst and prices will fall leaving buyers owing more than their precious house is worth. How will they then feel? If they need to move to another job immediately after buying :will they be able to sell? If they lose their jobs and can't pay their mortgages:what will happen?

Happy happy intelligent thoughtful couples:

Being offered houses in lovely locations

More Myths

I couldn't resist this lovely photograph of the idyllic surroundings for a couple with a dog. Is this an empty plot for your dream house?

Perhaps not:

Is there any grass left? Will there be any room left to swing the proverbial cat?

Note: Prices from -£ blank.

What price heaven?

And now other problems emerge. Will your house get build when promised? Are there enough bricks? Are there enough bricklayers? Enough skilled tradesmen to equip and finish these promissed houses? Has the government's policy plundged us into another crisis that will be painful.

Surely what is needed is gentle growth with the least stress possible. What we have here in my view is a recipe for a very painful disaster.

What do you think?

Do you think?

Are you a local politician? Are you concerned?

Cllr Colin Pickthall

Cllr Colin Pickthall our silent Labour ward councillor : What is your advice?

Will you give it here?

Surely this is a time when wise men should be voicing their opinions, not hiding in a council chamber.


Date: 15 October 2013 22:03:16 GMT+01:00
To: Geoff Dellow
Subject: Re: contact


Sorry, I thought we had a talk of some sort.  Sorry it was not of the requisite quality.
I suggest you stick with Margaret (Hornby, our alternative councillor added by GBD), who is an excellent councillor with endless patience.  I'm afraid I am not and have not.




Chris said...

I will leave you with a thought,I am away from computers from tomorrow.
My last thought,I am having a Dale Carnagie moment within The Division Bell.
Remember the old Labor Party,where members wore ill fitting suits,spoke with horrendous regional accents and had a liking for ferrets and knew the names of all The Jarrow Marchers.
Only one left Gerry Kaufmann,he now has a K,Sir Gerald,sad.
My last thought Geoff,chain yourself to a crane and play We shall overcome on your Clarinet whilst clutching a nasty L4 pathogen,so they cannot remove you.
Take Care Geoff and good luck with everything.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks Chris, I get unhealthily angry with what is happening in our society particularly when young people stop me in the street and applaud my stance against Persimmons. Why don't I let it all just float over the top of me as though it doesn't matter?