Thursday, 3 October 2013

Corner of two busy roads with pedestrians around

Here's an interview that was filmed earlier today.

Are there any observations that can be made?

Parked on New Market Street at its corner with Market Street at midday of today's Market Day: leaning on his car and enjoying the music.

Several questions arise for me.

1. Is the man correct? No, not if he's causing an obstruction

2. Does his disablement qualify him for the permit he has? A question for the issuing body CCC

3. Should he be driving??

Please educate me . Thank you.

It's good to know that the police take this kind of behaviour seriously. Our combined work where the police are there in the background to support people who have the courage to speak up works wonders. They are very keen to urge peole to take great care. Asking gentle questions and not arguing is by far the most effective. Something I find difficult but am getting better at! Youtube can be very effective too!


Anonymous said...

If in any doubt, call 101. Police.

Geoff Dellow said...

101 is of course the non-emergency number for the police.