Saturday, 12 October 2013

Crap sign

Is this a crap sign?

Does it really serve any purpose other than to annoy dog owners?

Is anyone likely to take any notice?

Will it lead to any less crap being left behind?

Is this kind of thinking for the benefit  of the public or for the local authority councillors and officers?


Anonymous said...

Complete waste of time and money have you ever seen a dog warden/enforcement officer walking round Ulverston.I no i certainly have not so why bring new laws out if they can't enforce them.The amount of people who walk there dogs on Croftlands and Lightburn park of a lead is unbelievable,ok most pick up but that isn't the point dogs should be no where near a park or playing fields.

Geoff Dellow said...

Many politicians sincerely think that they have solved a problem by passing laws and promoting initatives with posters and yellow jackets.

Isn't word of mouth far more effective? Encouraging a certain culture in a community more powerful: of what is and is not acceptable.

But then we all need to pitch in. Why don't we?

- It's 'their job'of course!

Geoff Dellow said...

As far as dogs and playgrounds I'm all for it - dogs with very responsible owners.

Glenda The Wicked Witch of NW3 said...

In The Peoples Popular Republic of Camden,us dogs are not allowed out without a lead.
I long to go a frolicking on The Heath and ask all those macho dogs if they are into trolism.
I only ever go out with my Master Tony Benn and if I defecate in the wrong place he gives me a good spanking whilst whistling The Battle Hymn of The Republic,he can be so masterful at times.
Sometimes I crap in the rose bushes so he will give me a good spanking.

Anonymous said...

If word of mouth was effective there wouldn't be a problem. However everybody knows that letting dogs defecate and not clearing it up is an offence. So clearly it isn't an effective force just by itself. Therefore you need to remind people to be responsible. People become complacent. Cases including driving, litter, noise, parking are all issues which people blatanly ignore regulalry. So an 'initiative' and posters, even signs, once in while to help jog people's consciences is a good thing. It won't work with all those offending but it might change the thought processes of a few and then those few might demonstrate to others the right behaviour. One pricked conscience is one less pile of fecal matter to avoid.

By the way nice pun, crap sign!