Friday, 8 November 2013

Something that is perhaps very special about Ulverston

The way we behave to each other as we negociate many of our narrow streets.

I love the way people enable each other to dip in and out of the gaps in the parking as we travel along the many roads that aren't wide enough for travel in two directions. If the Highways Department started to tell us that we must do it - it wouldn't work. But because we are the ones that make up the rules and are considerate of each other, it does. We all seem to treat each other as potential friends helping each other through a difficult situation. I find it very unusual to find anyone that is unpleasant or unthoughtful.

Aren't Ulverston people great.

Would you get this in a town where these difficult roads didn't exist?

If I want to be cheered up, I deliberately choose a route where I know there is likely to be a lot of people who  give way to each other. I get so many waves of thank you!

It's quite amazing how this mutual understanding helps us get around at a reasonable speed with very few hold ups.

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