Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"Blood Test Results Email" - another lying toad

Aledgedly from : National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

However, the email is not from NICE or from any other medical entity and the supposed test results are bogus. The attachment does not contain test results. Instead, it harbours an information-stealing trojan.

This nasty and underhand criminal tactic is designed to panic people into opening the attached file without due forethought. The email is professionally presented and may at first seem like a legitimate NICE message. People with existing health issues or those awaiting blood test results may be especially vulnerable to this tactic.
Recipients who open the attached .zip file as instructed will find that it contains a .exe file disguised via a double file extension to look like a harmless .pdf. Opening the .exe file can install a trojan that can harvest passwords and other sensitive data from the infected computer and relay it back to online criminals.

Please see http://www.hoax-slayer.com/blood-analysis-test-results-malware.shtml

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