Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The media

The papers and television keep feeding us negative stories.

How do we remain positive?

The whole atmosphere being generated in Britain at the moment seems to be to get people to gripe and complain. Agreed there's plenty to complain about but don't we need to focus on doing things that cheer us up?

We need to do these for ourselves and benefit from the satisfaction of what we have achieved in spite of the negative circumstances for ourselves.

Have you got a positive project that keeps you going?

Bringing up your kids can be one. Parents enjoy sharing the task with others - there's a fair bit of cooperation surrounding the schools here in Ulverston.

Having your own allotment is another great antidote - and there are plenty to be had. The people who manage them become good friends as you get to know them and many an enjoyable social hour is spent 'working' down at the allotment! A fair number of people call in at their allotment on their way home from work or pop in at lunch time. A lot gets done with lots of 30 minute breaks. There's a lot of know how to be found from those that have been doing it for years and I've found others to be very helpful.

It's also a great place to try out your own individual theories. One of my friends impressive reply when I come up with my latest wacky idea is "I don't know. Why don't you try it".  I'm on a 'No Dig' kick myself  using raised beds: getting worms to do all the 'digging' for me. Suits my ageing limbs!

And the veg I take home is deliciously tasty or should I say farty, much to the amusement of my friends! My Jerusalem Artichokes work wonders: I'm learning to play tunes as they did a couple of centuries ago when humour was a little more 'earthy' and our environment less 'sanitised'.


Gladys said...

Always interesting posts. Keeps me in touch with 'Ulverston'!

Geoff Dellow said...

Your comments are always appreciated, Gladys. You're the only person who consistently uses their real name.

Please keep it up. BTW I'm 79 today only one year to go till I qualify as being 'Old' )in my book. At the moment I have high hopes of reaching 90. Now that IS ancient!

The dance which we now do twice a week helps!