Monday, 24 March 2014

Putting the politicians on the spot

Here's a chance to try and nail the buggers down.

Of all the issues we face at the moment is, I believe, Inequality.

Previously I thought that Global Warming, population , world finance, and food production were more important but now all these our hopeless and not worth making a fuss about.

However Inequality still is and will be continuosly as we head for the end of the human race. As much as possible we need to face the future supporting each other.

There is a small and determined movement that recognises that more equal societies survive far better.

We are heading for conflict between the have's and havenot's. This conflict will be lessened if we are more equal. This attitude is important even down to issues on a Town Level. Thus here in Ulverston, if we were more equal we would feel better and more supportive of each other.

Is is time to put the emphasis on this rather than other issues?

What do the people we vote for pledge to do. What do they stand for?

This is what we want them to agree to do for us:

“Compelling evidence presented by The Equality Trust shows that more equal societies - those with a narrower gap between rich and poor – are more cohesive, healthier, suffer fewer social problems and are more environmentally sustainable. In view of these findings I am committed to making the UK a more equal society as the most effective means of building a better society.  I will therefore actively support the case for policies designed to narrow the gap between rich and poor; and engage with the debate on which measures should be implemented to achieve that aim.”

 Who will sign up?

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