Sunday, 23 March 2014

More doom from the scientists - don't believe them


As for the Independent article - read it - no surprises.

 It is what many of the experts have been saying for years but the official bodies were worried about frightening the politicians. They have obviously decided to give up being careful.

What you may not have noticed is the report that the main Greenland ice sheet, which was believed to be very permanent and stable, is rapidly collapsing.  In other words many of the suspected positive feedback loops have already kicked in. 

(One of the studies done regarding Florida and the effect of sea rise on the property there. - Geoff)

Personally I think we are 20 years past useful talking - the world will save itself by shaking off the parasite that is humanity.

An interesting aside - the mass of the Greenland icecap is so great that its gravitational attraction is raising the sea levels around Greenland by 10 or more meters. When the ice has gone sea levels around Greenland will actually fall even though the rest of the world will get a 6 meter rise.

Interesting times!


The problem is that we are humans with deep emotions. We really don't want to face up to unpleasant truths. We clutch at straws to help us feel better. There are very few people who are brave enough to consider a bleak future and start thinking how they and particularly young children are going to cope in their life time. For the vast majority the shock of reality in the future will be beyond what they can cope with from their past experience.

We can expect real problems from all the people around us! It's time to develop deep reliable friendships.

How will this gloomy future effect the way I live: very little.

A few things will change- I won't be giving any money or spending any time to stopping global warming - it's hopeless. All we can do now is influence the speed that change will happen. We can't stop it.

For me let's enjoy ourselves as unselfishly as possible but above all remain cheerful and positive. In other words carry on as I am now and live life to the full - as I am now!

Enjoy the little things in life - like the Robin's song - as we walked back along the canal from our warm by the log fire at the Bay Horse - once again : no competition for the chair right in front of the fire.

The above was written before I read today's Observer with it's description of the horrendous future for Indonesia and this area of the world due to global warming. I've some thinking to do as I continue to enjoy relative luxury here in Britan while others in the world suffer. It's all to easy to take the easy route out of a dilemma. Sadly I have few people that I can talk with that would help be sort my head out on issues like this.

I must admit I'm having a problem with the lack of support of people willing to work in Mill Dam Park. Isn't it time to be taking care of myself and my own allotment work rather than working in a park where so few appear to want to help. Yesterday I matched the contribution of one person who donated 45 minutes. There are many hours of work to be done tending sweet peas in the future and this on top of work to prepare the Flags for Fortnight. Will anyone want to help with this activity I wonder? Time to cut back the time spent elsewhere I think. 

And yes - the flags will look good when they're up.

As Les says "Interesting times".

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