Saturday, 15 March 2014

Thank God for thinking friends

I've just been on the phone to two of them and they're a real tonic.

Each in the own, very different way, are thinkers.

More remote maybe, are the people from the past like the great guy Tony Benn who many respect and made us all stop and think. Then in town here we had Dr Brian Redhead who was seen as a crank because he tried to get others to think when he went into a pub.

It's sad to find there aren't many like them in this town. Were can you go and have a really good discussion. In most places I find it's frowned upon: it's not 'polite'. What goes along with this attitude is a lot of backbiting and cliquey narrow thinking that lead to factions rather the alternative to good hard talk along rational lines driven by passion were 'politeness' is thrown out the window. My French background coming out strong.

Many will see the above as contradictory rubbish - others think the opposite and see this kind of thinking as containing pearls of wisdom.

Excuse the reference to God whom I see as a convenient way of expressing a strong feeling - alternatives are most welcome!

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