Thursday, 13 March 2014

Revelation - Arthritis hits, then gets 'cured'

I've just had a shock and discovered that I can't eat anything I like!

Yesterday and last night was the clearest signal that what I eat can have an immediate effect on the Arthritis in my right hip - causing it to flare up so that the joint became inflamed and extremely painful.

A quick search on Google took me to this site:

Here I'm told that I should  -

Eat Less
• Dairy foods
• Meat
• Citrus fruit
• Processed foods
• White flour
• White rice
• Potatoes
• Tomatoes
• Peppers
• Aubergines
• Sugar & Salt
Of these I had eaten nothing but,  in the last few days. The most telling being the under ripe tomatoes.
I staggered around town and bought:
Oily fish - Sardines; nuts; porridge; and figs and together with  Seven Seas JointCare. The combined effect was my joint has suddenly got better. In severe pain on Thursday morning and problem gone by 12:30pm when i started dancing vigorously for an hour
Because it says:
Eat more
• Oily fish
• Green leafy vegetables
• Vegetable oils
• Whole grain products
• Oats
• Figs
• Pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds
• Kidney beans
• Pineapple, papaya, mango and guava

Impressive I'm nearly back to my usual agile self!


johnno said...

I disagree with all that you espouse, advocate and imagine BUT I do know about arthritis. My wife developed it at age 20yrs. Years of drugs, hospitalisation, various doctors produced zero results. Long story short - she came across a diet which banned ANYTHING processed. Think about it - virtually all our food is processed. She bravely took it on and ate only raw veg, drank only water. Over time you can experiment with foods, find what you can tolerate what you can't. She persevered and is now, 30 years on as fit as a fiddle. You really are what you eat, so do it Mr D. I want you fit enough to keep posting your crackpot and contradictory views so's I can keep taking a pop at you. Good Luck!

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks John,

Yes I've had an amazing recovery and was dancing all over the place for an hour at an extra session of "moving to music" that we had booked. I'm inclined to put my problem mainly down the under-ripe tomatoes and my swift recovery down to sardines. I can't believe that you condone the slack, laidback behaviour of Andrew Moss, our Head of Cumbria Highways which led to our roundabouts becoming gridlocked and unusuable in the centre of the town. But do you let your views be known? Secondly would Arthritis stop me doing this blog? Bare in mind that I love using video!