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Colin Pickthall and the picnic tables at Gill Banks

How helpful do you find Colin Pickthall's response to the following enquiry?
He seems incapable of taking on board requests from his constituents .
Is he not being evasive and unhelpful? 
Personally I have given up trying to get Colin to do anything to do with council business in North Ward.

It was the picnic tables that I was trying to talk to Colin about when I was fobbed off yet again:the man is a real pain. see my previous posting re his behavior

To: "" <>; "" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 4 December 2012, 12:12
Subject: Gill Banks

Dear Sirs

I am writing to express my wish to see the picnic tables reinstated at Gill Banks and a return of the delightful pottery that has been decorating the railings.  As a regular user of the footpath who has enjoyed many a sandwich at lunch times sitting and admiring the vista I have missed them over the past few months.  They are a great asset to our community.

Please can you advise me as to what plans you have to reinstate them?

With my thanks in anticipation

Thank you for your e-mail.  I am very wellhe aware of the saga of the picnuic tables, and the complexities of landownership and the Town Council's responsibilities.  You will no doubt be aware of the rumbustious history of these tables and their mysterious movements.  As the Gill path is to be partially closed for the first six months of 2013 while Cumbria County Council and the Enviroment Agency do substantial flood defence work on the beck at The Gill end, the "delightful pottery" will have to find a new home and the debate over the picnic tables will no doubt be renewed later.
In case you have not seen the map of where the work is to take place, and the alternative path indicated by the County, I will forward you a copy.
Best wishes,
Colin Pickthall.

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