Friday, 6 June 2014

Spotlight on Ulverston North Ward

Colin Picthall , former local  MP;leading light of the Labour Party  here;and husband of the outgoing Mayor Judy Picthall, has just distributed  a leaflet to the north end of Ulverston, which ends as could be predicted:

LABOUR, working hard for Ulverston

So what truth is contained in it?

As usual there are a lot of half truths, with many that I can't verify

"we now have a healthy reserve to fall back on"

So why, yesterday when Alan Henshall of Samavar,the superior chocolate shop, asked Judy Picthall,promoter of Ulverston in Bloom suggested the council for a few further flower tubs around the former Trustees Savings Bank to brighten up the junction of Market St and Union St was he told "sorry the Town Council can't afford this.

"The mayor's  initiative in setting up"Super Saturday" Markets on 4 separate Saturdays"

Yes weren't they great? Well done. 

But why with this success and the road closure in place on Market street on Market Days, haven't we had many more during 2014, we clearly now have the small amount of funds needed to promote the Town's creative talent for this kind of thing.

the only part of this leaflet that rings true is the statement at the bottom:

"the Conservatives have backed us"

But sadly what can we expect from them with a new Mayor like Helen Inving

Sadly except for a few shining examples the Town Basket is full of bad apples with little taste for hard co-operative work.

dealings with Colin Pickthall:

From: Geoff Dellow <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 October 2013, 19:37
Subject: contact

Judy and Colin,

I was totally mystified by Judy's comment today.

Wasn't the purpose of the event (the "popup concilotin the Gill)for constituents to meet their councillor?

This was my purpose too.

I waited, and waited. I didn't want to stop you make more valuable contacts but the reason I waited was to talk to my councillor and not to chat.

The chat was a preamble to help us communicate about more important matters.

I am genuinely trying to make contact with Colin as my councillor. I have come to assume that he'd rather not so one gets to a point that one gives up trying.

Of my three town councillors the one I appear to communicate best with is Margaret Hornby.

After some time one gives up in order to preserve one's own sanity.

As this is not Colin's email I am trying to reach him by phone and as a last resort I will call round at his house.


Colin's reply:

This is my e-mail too.
Sorry, I thought we had a talk of some sort.  Sorry it was not of the requisite quality.
I suggest you stick with Margaret, who is an excellent councillor with endless patience.  I'm afraid I am not and have not.

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