Thursday, 19 June 2014

Enjoying life

My solution which will carry me through the crises that I have met so far is to:

Have things that you are passionate about. For me these are:

1.  Having really good friends who respect and love sharing their life with you.

Fortunately I have several  of these.

2.  At all times liking yourself.

3. Having fun particularly with children age 2 to 6:
they are best when young: truly honest so that you know were you are with them. I love those that are wilful and have a great sense of making the most of life. I love provoking a reaction from them.
I love doing silly child like things with them.I love their alert curiosity.

4. Having access to music that is played/performed passionately.

5. Having access to outrageos art that is played/performed passionately.

6.Playing a musical instrument myself and creating my own music

7.Doing things I'm good at: successfully solving problems. Asking difficult questions and trying to find the answer: the main one at the moment is "do I mind if I die?"and "What does it mean to live life to the full?"

8.Moving to music

9. There will be many more

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