Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lovely people here in Ulverston

While the national and international scene is horrific, isn't it great that we've got so many helpful people here in Ulverston! It's best to focus on what's happening locally rather in our dismal newspapers!

We've just had someone fixing a leaking overflow pipe and replacing as light switch all at the rate of £15 per hour. Service with a smile too - what a treat to have these kind of people around. What's more this guy will turn his hand to most things we need doing.
Then we've got another guy who's very good at fixing household appliances: at the moment he's fixing a fridge door that won't close because the hinge has been badly designed.

Then we have a great set of neighbours who are doing favours for each other, yesterday it was the gift of a very large  box of raspberries.We in our turn are able to give excellent free bread and loads of sweet peas from our garden and allotment.

Would it not be helpful to us all if this information about local workers were posted here?: something I am only too happy to do if requested.

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