Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How much longer, Persimmons?

I was told yesterday that the people in the new houses built by Persimons at Hoad View, Ulverston are very upset.

They tell me that these people, some of whom moved in to their new houses as much as six months ago in November 2013.:

Still have no standard phone connection

They say that they are continuously given new dates when this connection will be made , yet when that date arrives, no phone has been installed and that when they try to get an explanation from Persimmons:

Persimmons ignore their enquiries

Can someone please confirm that this is true?

I'm told that the problem iswith BT and that the people in the new houses are encouraged to contact them.

My point is why as I understand it, did Persimons make promisses and then not give explanations.

Furthermore, can't Persimmons put pressure on BT with a penalty clause in their dealings with BT.They surely can exert more influence than individual people.

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Our councillors, Irving, Pickthall, Airey,and Hornby,are being given the chance to help, but will they?

From: Geoff Dellow
Date: 25 June 2014 10:38:15 GMT+01:00
To: aournorthwardcouncillors
Subject: Things you could do for you constituents

1.None of the people in the new houses have land lines and most have waited since november 2013  see

It seems that BT need some strong representation made to it as Persimmons appear to be shedding all responsibility

2.Though the road of Union Lane has been resurfaced it stilll lacks double yellow lines at the intersection with Stanley st. This leaves a very dangerous situation as people are parking right at this intersection with it's blind corner. There have already been several near misses.

Perhaps one of you would like to help:  full credit will be given on my blog (circulation 500)  to any action taken  !! (please copy me in to any correspondence you make so that I can do this

Responses received as follows:
From Pickthall:

Bid put in for double yellows.

Colin P.

My reply to Colin Pickthall:

I think you will agree the people in the new houses feel powerless to get a phone which they have been repeatedly promised this by Persimmons who now refuse to answer their enquiries. They just pass the buck and say it's the fault of BT who then do nothing.

Shouldn't this too be the concern of our local leaders who care for the people surround them?

Who do you suggest they turn to for help?


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