Sunday, 22 June 2014

It ain't fair

Sadly we have been brought up in our culture to expect fairness:

At school and at home our immediate cry was "that's not fair".

The honest and most helpful response would have been:"Tough, no it isn't . Get used to it"

Sadly most people in our culture don't give this response s.

So most of us get all screwed up about life not being fair, when if we stop and think, we know it isn't and we should never expect it to be.

Realistically it  is impossible for life to be fair and we all would be happier if we stopped expecting the impossible.

Unfairness we live with:

Some people had caring parents some didn't.

Some were born with the chance of an education some weren't.

some worked from the age of eleven in Cambodia under repression earning peanuts some were instead able to go to school here.

Some here in England happen to have had a heart attack and were flown by helicopter to a specialist hospital in Liverpool where their lives were saved. Others had no suitable hospital nearby and died.

So no, life is not fair, let's  get used to it!

The secret is to make the most of whatever situation we find ourselves in and make the most of it and not waste time and energy worrying about fairness!

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