Sunday, 15 June 2014

Midas the story in real life

As a child, I was very impressed with the foolishness of the king who had his wish of having everything he touched turned to gold.

Isn't that what is happening to us now?

The more we respond to the wish to have everything as cheap as possible we are being trapped by the same philosophy.

When you stop and ask yourself what you really enjoy, it isn't the ability to own things.

In reality things provide relatively little enjoyment. What we really appreciate is genuine friendship from other people :something that is given freely.
By buying always the cheapest we are drawn to Amazon, Persimmons and Ebay: firms that are gaining far too much power and provide no human friendship.they are thirsty for power and control and in reality provide no friendship whatsoever.They are like the cold gold that Midas gained by his ability to turn warm friendly people into cold gold.

Beware of creating cold monsters by choosing the cheapest all the time a lot more real enjoyment is to be had from things that are given as with the knit ware that has been posted all over the town.This is true human fun and warmth - not cold gold

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