Saturday, 28 June 2014

Stetched to breaking point

I'm becoming increasingly aware that we are all becoming stressed to the limits of our ability to cope.

If you stop and ask why, I think you'll find it's because of our decrease in our ability to be helpful to each other.

The causes of this are many:

Greed, driven by share holders who have lost touch withe effects of their company's policies on real people such as :


property investors that drive the price of houses up causing us to take on ridiculously high mortgages

the lust, which has become inbuilt in us all, to buy at the lowest price, putting out of business small family enterprises who really care about their clients. This is true of the increase in the growth of large chains of supermarkets who process their customers like robots and not humans they really know as you get in a small shop.

Contrast the way you are treated by Graham at Smith and Harrisons with the alternative :buying on line. What drives this? The desire for goods at a lower price.

This isn't the best analysis but the best my befuddled mind (operating after a stroke when I can't sleep at night) can do.

Please write me an encouraging comment if you read this and agree in any way or wish to be helpful.Thanks.

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