Monday, 26 May 2014

David and Goliath

I've just received this very impressive presentation in favour of an alternative use for the Robinson's site

Ulverston really is special which is why I'm back here having been to California to work for Shell Research and later to London to train and then teach in London, having first come to Ulverston to work for Glaxo a sa research Chemical Engineer in 1960.

Please watch the video and pass on this link:


Ulverston's roads are already showing that we can't cope with the traffic.

Furthermore we need small well designed flats for our young people as well as those that are ageing where being in the centre of the town has so many advantages

Lots of individually run shops and local businesses make far more long term sense than a supermarket run with outside  commercial interests of share holders miles away in London or even Europe


Anonymous said...

In life, if you are intelligent, you are admired. If you are wealthy, you are envied. If you are powerful, you are feared. But if you're blessed with a good heart, you are remembered, always. It's not about the wealth, power, and intellect, but the LEGACY in life behind those people you've touched Geoff.

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks for these wise words.

i'm finding some really good friends, now that I've had a stroke . thisto me is the mopst importasnt thing in life - fevelloping good rock -solid relationships and through these enjoying life to the full must go!