Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Time to come out fighting

I'm getting no help from any Physiotherapists so I'm doing it myself .

The situation is chronic and very frustrating- is every having a Stroke?-which makes me even more determined

As you see I'm getting better and faster at typing with one hand.

"Don't let the buggers get you down "

is my motto and I'm really enjoying myself: I've always enjoyed a good fight and this one is a beauty : I can't loose because my opponent is none other than me!

I'm getting my dead arm to behave itself and in the last week have got it to come up and 'scratch' my nose- with a bit of cheating by moving head to go where it had got to!

Today for the first time since my stroke 17 days ago I can get my fingers to close over a small bean bag(that I'm grasping at this very moment) . 

I say 1,2,3 GO  and amazingly my fingers close. Now I'm walking about with it , trying not to drop it.

another battle won!

Any one else had a stroke? Let's join forces

I'm doing an amazing number of things in Town

People are not happy with officialdom : we need to work together - these 'important people' behave like irresponsible teenagers and love throwing there weight around - stopping initiatives.and doing very little constructive.

More of this soon: Judi Picthall. Ralph Spours and Peter Winston - the town traders down Market street are not happy - and with very good reason.- watch this space.

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