Sunday, 18 May 2014

Talent Great potential Jess Gillam

I suspect it's not :talent which is a misleading word as though if you havan't got 'talent' you can't do it to which I reply : Hey we've all got "talent" .

What we haven't got is the determination to enjoy practicing day in and day out.

For me , Talent is sheer bloody hard work. Let's not kid ourselves. and Jess Gilam has shown she can do it.

Well done Jess

 - I hope you survive all the empty words     as thoughyou achieved what you did just because you had 'something magic called 'talent' Well done for all the hard work you must have put in.

I'd love to follow you. After all I've still got my right hand that still works well.

Lrt's see what I can do with that. ~have I got Jess' determination - we'll see.
First I've got to recover from my stroke and then it will be sheer hard work.

Jess will be my inspration!

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Chris said...

Hope you are felling better Geoff,if you are in the mood for a decent French movie try Welcome To New York.
Very well made,only 2 complaints first 20 mins comes across as soft porn,5 mins would have done not 20.
Secondly they did not call him DSK.
However the movie was very well made and spot on.
Not cuddly and cute however watch it is you feel like a little escapism.
I hope you get a little better every day,my thoughts are with you.