Monday, 12 May 2014

Lfe after a stroke

"Soldiering on" was  a great expression used frequently by my great friend and fellow enthusiast for living life to the full:Phil Hopwood who just andso just made it into thispresent century

No sign of Physiotherapy yet, so I'm making up some exercises based on  a couple of You tube videos

It's hard work to WILL your arm to move when no message seems to get through to those muscles that you know that you've got . Typing wih just one hand when you're used to touch typing  is hard going.But I'm getting better by the day . This of course makes life great fun.

The sense of achievement is immense. I daren't even consider what it would be like without a partner

It's great each day doing new things : even walking around town on mty own is a great achievement . You have to blank out the thought that you could easily fall and not get up without help. I've had many near trips but survuved each one . It's great to be independent and not feel you need someone always by your side.

A great small team of friends took over the taking down of the flags in The Gill yesterday while we skived off to Manchester to induge in the art work of th amazing Joano Vsscacelos (?)at their impressive art gallery. Had agreat meal there and had great fun tracking down all her artwork some times full frontal like the very big booby put in th room wth lots of nudes and lotsthat hasd to be discivered in amongst 'normalexhibuts- one in the middle of tea pots especiaslly - the whole show is so outrageous and fun  see my earlier posting here:

recent achievenents:

Having a bath - what a luxury to be able to lie there listening to great music of my choice.

The big worry was would I| be able to get out : I COULD BE THERE STILL but I'm not!
It was one of those situations where you had to just jump in and find out. Situations I LOVE!

MUST STOP AND HAVE MY NEXT PILLwith my porrage: anew day awaites me.

What's been growing while i wasn't looking?

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