Wednesday, 28 May 2014

When will the Cumbria Highways honour their promise?

Last December Andrew Moss , Head of Cumbria Highways, made his promise that Union Lane would be completed "Early in the new year" :    it is now June and still the junction with Stanley Street  is unfinished.

  • It has still an unfinished road surface.
  • It still has no road markings.
  • There is now a ramp to negotiate.
  • Lives, especially those of inexperienced young children, part of large families with push chairs are being put at risk as they attempt to travel every morning to school,and then again at home time.
  • By contrast there are many over eighty year olds that are now very waryof using this intersection because of the chaotic situation left by CCC Highways department.
  • There is substantially more traffic because of the new estate up the lane.
  • Contrary to the planning agreement, Persimmons have allowed their delivery lorries to access their building site aggravating the situation at this extremely dangerous junction.These vehicles have stopped using their agreed access through the Health centre
  • Almost daily there is danger of a serious road accident  with cars turning up the lane round a blind corner and meeting approaching cars having to negotiate past dangerously parked vehicles.

  • Because of the lack of road markings the end of the road is being used for  parking, sometimes by large vans leaving visibility very difficult.
  • Several people have left notes on parked vehicles to point out the danger of the way cars and vans have been parked, warning of near head on accidents that they only just avoided.
  • Neighbours have been left to try to regulate this dangerous intersection themselves.
  • Local people feel deserted because of the disinterest of their councillors: where is County Cllr James Airey when you want him?
  • District Cllr Helen Irving and local Town Cllrs Colin Pickthall, Margaret Hornby and again Irving are unavailable.
  • This is a vary serious situation. Who is going to do their job and see this endless disruption and chaos brought to an end.
  • Are people that use this intersection: young children, the aged  and regular road users  being seriously let down by incompetent officers and councillors?
a pedestrian points to the ramp across the road that they tropped over

Thestate of this intersection :notice the obstructively parked car because there  are no road markings

How temporary is "temporary"?

parking at night

at night again

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