Thursday, 22 May 2014

here we go again

soon I hope to show you some of the tricks I use to get the messages through from the brain to the muscles - what we're trying to do is forge new routes from my working brain that byepass the part that is now dead.

One very good tip I got from Steve who is actually my occupational therapist  who fixes rails in your house  (- a great guy - a breath of fresh air - someone who loves his job) :use the none -working part of your body to do anything you can think of- don't just leaveit to rot - I'm already giving my 'dead hand' things to do:  just an hour ago I got it to help carry a heavy tray (two handed)down the garden     This was a risky business and when I felt my duff hand slipping I stopped :got a better grip and went abit further - Whoopee I got there wthout dropping the tray with all it's contents to indside the greenhouse- where I wanted it - the feeling of achievement was tremendous.

Come back again and see what new things I've achieved - it's good fun really!

my, I'm tired - off to bed for some beauty sleep -if it indeed  it exists !

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