Friday, 30 May 2014

our town council

here'sthe view of one of our councillors

"I think you are right that councillors don’t encourage others enough, with some honourable exceptions. I also find it very frustrating that council meetings are often taken up with procedure and internal navel gazing about what time meetings are going to be held and who is going to sit on which committees. All of this stifles discussion about real issues that are important to the town – and as a result nothing happens. You are probably right that community action is far more effective."

in response to:

This my greatest criticism of councillors : they don't encourage members of the public to get involved :they are not for the most part facilitators, they want to be seen aswonderful leaders when they're not.

I made a sincere offer to help with ideas to get the market going : I made my living through my ideas : two patents working for Glaxo and Shell;was highly regarded in London as a teacher by the creatiivity unit at the QCA(education's think tank)      -   yet here I am totally ignored and even derided by people like the dreaded Colin Picthall who mocks my offer of ideas with: "we don't need your bad ideas"

It was this creativity that made by business at The Falls such a success with it's unique Food service.(btought to an end in 1983 by divorce) I have some high up educationalist who wish to call me a genius over what I achieved in the field of Information Technology - where I was well before my time! 

All of which, as you can imagine, is highly frustrating.

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