Monday, 12 May 2014

Persimmons show their true colours

Residents of Union Lane find Persimmons' behaviour unacceptable and request a sincere apology:

Far from Persimmons being conciliatory, their site manager was angry when asked to abide by the agreed procedures and regulations regardingaccess to their building site at the end of of the Lane. 

:regulations they were happy to comply with previously.

Please note Persimmons:

     Access to you building site does not permit you or your contractors or your suppliers to use Union Lane

At the moment we have dangerous situations from the mix of heavy lorries and young children and pedestrians on a new road with no road markings and a dangerous  junction with Stanley street with a blind corner.

Persimmons you haveaccess to your site that has been used before by you, via the Health Centre. 

Use it.  Stop breaking the law

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