Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I did it myself !

This was the triumphal cry of Eric when he finally got his tricycle up onto the pavenent all on his own, something he had beebravely struggled with fo weeks and only helped at the very last minute.

THis is a mistake made so often by parents they like to 'rescue'there little dears asthough they can't cope for themselves. Letting children struggleshows far more respect for th child.This is the route to a confident child: something demonstrated well by Iris his sisterthen aged five. When we boarded a double-decker bus she was straight on the bus, well ahead of the rest us and up the difficult stairs to the top, to be found by us when we finally arrived, either sitting in the prime seat at the front with it's commanding view, or on the chummy back seat with the other characters!

The same kind of thing i shappening to me , now that I've had astroke people see me as helpless and needing their help. That doesn't last long I assure you. They quickly get put in their place .

I too lovecrying out loud :


This keeps my self confidence running high as I charge confidently to a full recovery.

Bewarned :keep your helping hands to yourself: or I'll bite!

Be sure I'll ask if I need your help thank you for offering

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