Monday, 12 May 2014

George Monbiot is so right see the link on the right

Andrew Moss our Cumbria Highways boss has broken all his promises  to get Union Lane fixed "early in th new year." You can't help thinking that he's in the pocket of Persimmons. The newly bulilt houses are stlll without phones wating from last November.

we have a very dangerous situation at the bottom of the road with road works and no double yellow lines to stop parking at th road junction with Stanley Street - a collision expected any day now

Who could be doing somethimg about it?

James Airey our county councillor .

Where is he?

Colin Picthall for all his friendliness is no better - he just goes  through the  motions when he could be spaeaking out about the situation here and at Mill Dam Park.

Come on Colin we should be working together as part of a team.

Trying to get a councillor to show an interest is like trying to get blood out of a stone: you have to squeeze very, very hard.     and keep chipping awayendlessly  (mixed metaphors!)


Joe said...

All councilors are a complete waste of space I sent an email to Rajan 3 weeks ago using the link on the sldc site.I am still waiting a reply from him,am I right in thinking elections are coming up and there be a chance they knock at my door.

Geoff Dellow said...

I'm not aware of any local elections until next Mayish when we will have the dreaded knockers at our doors. I'm trying to decide whether to become one of them! What do you think? I would have to run as an independent as I refuse to believe in any dogma and need to stay as a free spirit to act as I see fit. In fact you guys would have to persuade the others to vote for me ; I've written enough here for you to make your mind up about me. I wouldn't look forwaed to the job and would need to do it on my on terms without any requirements to bull shit- not my style ! so you better start trying to persuade me to do it if in fact you want me!

I would gladly run against Colin and Helen who I have no respect for as politicians.They blow wherever the wind blows strongest.