Friday, 29 August 2014

Blog statistics

I'm sure you will be aware that Google Analytics provides information on the  different people that look at a blog.

It is very gratifying that so many of you continue to look in to read what I am writing. It's good practise for me of course as I learn to express myself in writing: at school I found English my most difficult subject, preferring Maths by far (It used to take me a whole weekend to write an essay starting on Friday evening, continuing on Saturday and finally being forced to finish on Sunday).  In fact I still have some quite good pictures I drew and painted for fun just to avoid writing my very demanding essay. I was an only child without the distraction of siblings and television- very few families had one. I also took my studies at school very seriously!

I get quite a lot of ideas for postings from the people I talk to and from emails I receive.

 The numbers over the past four months since my stroke are steady and in fact rising  up towards 500 people (now at 441) with as many as nearly 60% returning  visitors (58 in fact) who have made 1,439 pageviews in the last month.

It is a puzzle why so few people comment. This may be that the kind of people who read this blog prefer not to be identified with their views as the internet is quite exposing to people who value the opinion of those around them. I also now refuse to publish negative and abusive comments (something I used to do, thinking it revealed the kind of negative people that were around).When I talk to people in 'real life' they freely admit to having read what is written here yet  I get the impression that they are the kind of people that would rather not share their views in public. They tend to be people who have very busy lives without feeling the need to write about what they do.

There is perhaps another group of people  who prefer to use Facebook where topics of the kind discussed here are not shared. Facebook I think is quite different and much less serious and more fun and chatty. Personally I find it quite addictive. In fact I get drawn in to making inappropriate comments and find it difficult to follow if I don't keep 'looking in'  on a daily basis. There are  too many other things to get on with such as answering emails and taking live to people I meet : something I far prefer to do.

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