Wednesday, 13 August 2014


That wonderful elusive state that you cannot enter by will power.

When you've lain in bed, motionless for an hour in bed and you're still not asleep, what do you do?

"Get up, do something different and then go back and have another  go later " is my answer.

I've had a great day, and I'm not cross. On the contrary I'm feeling very content , but still sleep eludes me.

The only thing I can think of, that is worrying me is the thought that I won't sleep for more than two hours before waking up again. This has been happening almost every  night for the last few months since I had my stroke.

Now the thought occurs to me that it's not a good idea to write about!

But I had thought that writing would help. I did this last night and it worked. It clearly doesn't seem likely at the moment. Writing about not being able to sleep is obviously not a good idea.So I'm off to do something else I shall enjoy.

Dancing around maybe.

How mad is that? Surely that will wake me up. Oh well we'll give it a try.

Maybe dancing sleepily will help!

Let's try. See yah.

The sequel. Of course I didn't dance but listened to  some lovely calming music and went back to bed, eventually fell asleep and woke up  feeling calmly determined.
 As Jeremy would say

"Let's just soldier on'!

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Gladys said...

Years ago I used to get up ihe night and put on music to dance to. Did it help? Can't remember but I enjoyed the dancing! I had things on my mind that prevented sleep. Physical activity seemed like a good thing.
I was sleeping badly recently - still do occasionally but it is getting better. I have the radio on for a while and I seem to drop off as soon as I turn it off. I wake after about three hours to go to the bathroom. I sometimes put the radio back on for a short time. I try to resist going downstairs. (The radio-clock is on my bedside table)