Friday, 8 August 2014

Power mad, bossy people at the top of Cancer Research and the WRVS

Watch it Debbie White , area manager of Cancer Research, who is trying to boss around our local shop manager with her high handed policies:

I have you in my sights. Yes this bossy woman comes and tells the shop manager that she can't have leaflets on the counter and I'm toldthows them in the bin when the person who asked have them put there is someone personally known to the local shop manager. The latter takes a great pride in supporting local peoplewho support her shop. In this particular case the person reqesting the display of leaflets had played his clarinet tin the drizzle for many hours in the Market square in order to attract donations

The same applies to the power mad person who is trying to impose policies on the WRVS local volunteers in Ulverston and Barrow.

I'm meeting this similar behavior more and more where people grab power and start imposing their rules over volunteers and people that work below them.

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Geoff Dellow said...

I called in yesterday to tell our local manager of Ulverston Cancer Reseach Charity shop that I written something about Debbie White here about the way she 'managed' her local managers.

She replied " She doesn't manage us , she's a downright bully. She comes in and takes leaflets off the counter that we have put there for the people that help us and she throws them in the bin. Well I get them straight out again and put them back, when she has gone"

Time you were replaced Debbie.

There are too many of these power grabbing people around at the moment. The need their wings clipped. They are undermining the good work done by local managers in develloping goodwill from people suupporters who have strong links with the town.