Thursday, 7 August 2014

Great fun and activity in Mill Dam Park yesterday

Lots of parents and many more kids came again to use this very popular little park in Ulverston

It went really well - Loom Banding clearly is the craze thay inspires children at the moment! 

Happy kids made an epic loom band - which streched all across the park and back again -57m long!  

Jennie Dennett was the person that inspired all this activity. 

The day started miserably with rain but undetered, she  and Maureen Rodgers  worked on a picnic table, shelterred under a tree surrounded by the first group of children to arrive at ten thirty.

An estimated thousand of the small coloured elastic bands, the starting point for a loom band were in place ready for this mammoth project:

the creation of the longest ever Loom Band that Furness has ever seen

Jennie and Maureen were quickly joined by Clare Clark and friends, with many kids in tow.

A shelter was quickly constructed to provide shelter until the sun obedient came out to transform a miserable start into a very successful day.

The cake stall takings were in the region oft £40 so well on their way to raising the £100 Jennie was after for the World Land Trust to buy an acre of rainforest for a reserve.

Mums can loom too... in fact it is quite addictive.  Clare Clarke's was about 3m!

We all thanked Clare for co-ordinating the decorating of the boundary of the  Park.

 She got a crew going with screwdrivers and the log term decorations were up in a matter of an hour. They look great, back where they should be along the fence. The price paid: some sore palms from the unfamiliar use of these screw drivers.

A happy community day. 


Gladys said...

It certainly looked a happy assembly when I passed by on my way to the Health Centre. I thought how wonderful to put on such children's activities. Rain as well as sun - nothing seemed to stop the enjoyment. So good to see the park in use.

Geoff Dellow said...

Yes The park is such a lovely size for a friendly get together with young children. With its secure gates and personal involvement from the users: the tables have all been provided by friends, the flowers given by David at the market, this year put in by the Guides, and now the mums have put the pottery back.