Friday, 8 August 2014

BT you're a disgrace

When will you be connecting the phone lines to  the  new properties on the Hoad View, at the end of Union Lane?

Residents moved into many of the twenty five new houses built by Persimmons last December and they still haven't been connected. They were given assurances back then that their main line phones would be connected soon after arrival yet this never happened . Now, you keep promising  over the phone when Open Reach is called that the work will be done. Individuals are made to feel completely powerless. Time and time again theses promises are broken. Mobile phones that have to be used instead are clocking up ridiculous charges as people attempt to cope.

Tantalisingly phone lines are connected to outside of the houses yet the final connection is not made.

To my  mind Persimmons are also to blame as the fail to help to use their considerable clout to support their new purchasers in their plight

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Geoff Dellow said...

This posting seemed to have an immediate effect as contractors for Open Reach, the BT company, started to connect these desparate householders with the the mainline phonenetwork.The workman referred obtusely without naming names that it was somone else's fault. THe name Persimmons was mentioned.