Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Keeping a sense of humour

I love this quote

"Don't grow up . It's a trap."

Children have a great sense of fun and I love to preserve this way of looking at life

With this way of looking at our daily life when things are tough, I find there's always a quirky way of thinking that brings on a great smile and even a laugh out load that cheers me up.

One person I meet regularly as I walk around town with this wonderful sense of fun is Pat Jones, otherwise the best Town Councillor that we have. Every contact she has with other people has, is a wicked sense of humour lurking below the surface. Nothing is too serious for her for this joyful outburst of childish play to be absent. My contacts with her bring out this playful quality.This is something we share.

At Booths we exchange childish gossip where she had some fun recently. To someone who            has just been sent home from the operating table with terminal cancer, she threatens an obscene phone call to cheer him up. She has this wonderful talent for telling stories so that you are drawn in to listening to every word so that you don't miss anything. The last person I knew with this attractive quality was Phil Hopwood who had been a policeman in earlier life and had many tales to tell.

Walking home last night from the Stan Laurel where I had been playing chess for fun,I was reminded of the Scout's pace: run twenty paces, walk twenty. Only my version as I climbed the final slope to home was what I will call the Oldie's Pace five paces uphill followed by five seconds rest. It worked a treat as I struggled home exhausted with a wry smile on my face. My sense of humour had come to the rescue again.

Answer me this:
Can't I find a better thing to do at four in the morning when I can't sleep that write this stuff?

Seems quite a childish activity to me: but it sends me back to bed with a fun state of mind ready to try to regain much needed sleep once again. I need all the sleep I can get and this is no way to prepare for my activities with children in Mill Dam Park that I've been invited to.


Gladys said...

'This stuff' seems a fine way to help you sleep. Long may it continue until you again sleep through the night.

Geoff Dellow said...

Trying to sleep is a strange activity.

The harder you try the less likely the success!

So I'm back peddalling on trying at the moment: yestrday I had a day off from trying. My problem is probably that I'm making myself worse by trying as hard as I do. Finding a middle way is difficult.
Thanks for your encouragement.