Monday, 4 August 2014

Why is this being allowed to happen?

When I passed The Mill in Mill street Ulverston earlier yesterday evening this rubbish had overflowed onto the street broken so that plastic bags had spewed their contents into the street. All the bins where full and the one in the front took the surplus.

I pointed this out to the staff and initially the staff of two young girls said that as there were only two of them and they might not be able to clear the mess up off the street that evening . However a third woman appeared and took a far more responsible attitude and immediately went and cleaned up the overflowing rubbish from the street so that  this is what I found when I returned with my camera about ten minutes later.

This doesn't answer why this is allowed to happen in the first place.

Are these bins not a public pavement? On a narrow street where pedestrians need access to step out of the road? My understanding is that the Pub has a yard at the back where these bins could be kept. It has access from Soutergate. Why isn't this yard being used?


Phil Simpson said...

The placing of the bins in their current location is the last thing we want aesthetically, however there is no access at all for waste disposal at the rear. Should you require more detail please feel free to email

Geoff Dellow said...

Thanks, Phil for your reply.

Two things still cocern me:
1. Why are bins filled to this extent so that their contents fall out into the street.

2. My memory is that there is adequate access to the rear yard: its the access that used to be used before the bins were placed where they are now. I shall have to refresh my memory by a return visit.

Thank you for replying.

I shall still be checking that there really is no alternative solution.

I wish you well as the amount of rubbish must reflect that you are busy and that is good for the town.

We need to have thriving businesses.

But there are often alternative solutions available.