Sunday, 17 August 2014

This will get your feet tapping

Or are you past it? Or does other stuff turns you on? But is it any better?

Here's another tune that my midnight dancing friend used to love moving to.

Isn't it amazing how many people used to get carried away with Dire Straits? Literally thousands.

She told me how recently she was at a dance when this number was announced and she was really looking forward to getting up for a jig around as she used to at night. However she was mortified to find that an acquaintance came along just as the tune was starting and start to chat mindlessly about this and that- nothing important to her - sadly her whole life had trained her to be  very polite to everyone, so that she  was the true lady. Instead of saying what she was thinking (in my words "stop yattering on and sit down so that I can have this lovey dance") : she remained  patiently sitting down for the chatter to finish. By then the band had moved on to the next number.

Sometimes we can be so preoccupied with ourselves that we don't pick up on the inner turmoil going on in the polite person opposite us: a fault that I must admit is mine over and over again. No wonder that some used to people cross over the street when they saw me coming. A fault I'm working on , but have a long way to go.

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Gladys said...

I'd love to hear that played in the Market Square - before everyone had done their shopping. Can't dance with a loaded basket!