Monday, 25 August 2014

Remaining positive

It's the only way to be.

Getting angry with things around us, can often trigger off more anger back, setting off a vicious circle that escalates. The stuff that wars are made of.

People  like Lawrence Conway with his vicious way of dealing with happy people that are having a great time together Mill Dam Park, need to be pitied and ignored whenever possible.

He has now made himself and the actions of his staff, the laughing stock of people around them. I'm sure that his actions has  brought the people of Ulverston even closer together to resist outside interference from people who are so out of touch with us here.

At some point Conway and his team will be looking for employment. Will they want someone like these?

"Don't let the buggers get you down " is an expression I hear more and more these days. Buggers appear to be raising their heads left right and centre these days. So What - we can get used to dealing with them and just getting on with life.

We need to have a good laugh and get on enjoying the lives interacting with the great people close to us :  people we get to know well at places through places like our park.

So what's going to be our next project there that we can do together.

How about buying soft toys and dangling them from the trees for the children to come and find?

There are a few other positive ideas floating about. Things we can all do together

How about you, have you got some ideas? Something worth considering rather than getting dragged into feelings of resentment.

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