Sunday, 3 August 2014

So, U3A committee, where's your evidence?

 First of all who are the Furness U3A committee ?

as given on their web site they are:

Grete Hughes
Vice Chair
Sheila Price
Brenda Edmondson
Assistant Treasurer,Social Fund
Andrew Menary Smith
Membership Secretary
Pat Munro
Groups Organiser
Maureen Houliston
Hospitality/Asst Groups Organiser
Jean Elliott
Programme Secretary
Brenda Crozier
Newsletter Editor
Grete Hughes
Asst. Newsletter Editor
Moira Fair
Website editor
John Kaye
Asst. Web Site Editor
Mike Pearson

These people sent me the following letter in which they deny me membership of the U3A, which I helped found, was their first membership secretary and helped set up the Philosophy group with Denis Clampton. The very group they are banning me access to now because of my aledged abusive behavioru:

 Yet I am still waiting  for Margarete Hughes, their chair, for a reply to my message sent last Tuesday July 19th to back up their statement that I have made personally abusive comments that are to be found on the internet , a claim made in the above letter. Where may I ask?

I repeat I am not aware of ever making any abusive comments to anyone in the U3A. What I have done in the past is to question the past  chair of the committee and his actions.

Though I find the committee's actions very upsetting, I am deeply desturbed to think that this is the way they treat somene who has done so much for this organisation. I did much to help set up this organisation  and help set up the very group they now ban me from attending. One of the main things ha been the creation of a beautiful web site which encouraged feedback from the U3A membership. Something you would have thought would be welcome. Initially , it was seen as a great bonus to the organisation, however it soon became undesirable because a few members started to question the results of a survey carried out by the committee then. The web site was then banned.

In practice I have little interest in being part of an organisation where I am not wanted: I have many interstes outside this organisation. However potential members, in my opinion, need to be aware of the type of orgabisation they are joining or if still existing members, what kind of organisation  they are part of.

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