Monday, 4 August 2014


This is how Ann and John  at the Barrow Food Bank came across when we delivered the excess bread from the French stall (bread that would otherwise be thrown away)on Ulverston Market yesterday. I wanted to stay to help but felt exhasted myself from dealing with my stroke.

It's sad to find people who are critical of this whole operation of providing food to famililies that aren't coping whilst the schools are closed and children go without the  decent meal that they were getting at school during term time.

Like any organisation there will be examples of it being abused  by people that make a mockery of the free handouts but I have talked to the people that keep the records of those receiving the food hand outs and they are convinced that this abuse only occurs in a few rare cases.

Ann and John can obviously do with more help as they run this wonderful operation.

There really are some amazing people who continue to soldier on to the limit of their physical and mental ability.

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