Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Common sense: Where is it?

An extraordinary tale from Ulverston's Recycling centre.

Is it time to start breaking petty rules made by bureaucrats?

For my part I've started. They can take me to court if they want to!

Tom visits the Recycling Centre with a broken glass shelf from his fridge to get rid of.
He sees an identical shelf in a fridge there. "Can I have it?" He asks.

 "Nope. No one is allowed to take anything out of here. They're our orders from the boss"

"Couldn't you just look the other way then?"

"No, I lose my job. There are CCTV cameras up there."

"I thought this was a Recycling Centre. Clearly it's not"

So next time let common sense prevail  take it without asking or perhaps say "Prosecute me then":

Is it time to break the silly rules so that umcommon sense prevails?


Anonymous said...

People should break these silly laws, but a police record affects a job seeker for their whole lives not just for the moment of reflection on their action after arrest.

Geoff Dellow said...

Again common sense can prevail. The police in my experience possess it too!

Geoff Dellow said...

Note: I am assured that despite having been finger printed for past demeanors, I do not have a police record, nor are my finger prints on file. We have very sensible police in Ulverston.

This may not be true elsewhere and it's sad that our local force gets called upon to serve in the big cities where different rules apply.I'm all for supporting our local police. They focus on the crime they can do something about, and with their limited staff, ignore time consumming unnecessary requests. We do after all have a responsibility to take action ourselves in many cases. Again I find that common sense does in fact prevail. Long may this continue! They need all the support they can get.

Another thought is that when you're retired the rules are perhaps different. We should be prepared to take a stand more for common sense to take precedence over silly rules.