Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Grand Day Out

Gather nine children of ages between two and nine who know each other reasonably well. Take them on the train to Grange for a day out. There's so much for them to do along the Prom after a tour of the park immediately after arriving at the station. The parents can sit back and witness lots of activity with children learning massive amounts about leadership, running flat out for miles, getting on with each other, coping with teasing, sharing treats, taking care of each other, showing the initiative, organising their own games, obeying orders, learning to bargain and handle money; in short growing into responsible human beings. The role of parents: to enjoy not having to do a thing other that briefly console a child with a hug, sort out some bullying. The children are best left to themselves and ignored while the adults do their own thing.

We all arrive back happily tired ready for a nap - the other half will have to cook the next meal!

Definitely a win- win situation. When can we do it again one mum says!

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