Thursday, 17 April 2014

Too bloody polite for our own good

Look at the number of people that can't cope with being teased.

People can't cope with disagreements. Disagree with someone and you've lost a friend for life. Yet surely the way real friendships grow is through learning to deal with the rough as well as the smooth. Thirty year olds break up because they hit a hard patch - they're not in the habit of having an argument and then learning to compromise: to allow the other person space to be different yet overall working together over the main things in life.

In French Cafe´s, I'm amazed how the locals break into a heated argument. Yet these are friends that have know each other for years. Often a cafe´serves different people from different backgrounds and ages - it's a great place to mix , disagree and get along.

Here, especially in Ulverston, we have lots of different factions all pulling in different directions and most about to fall down flat on their faces. People haven't learnt to get along, disagree but still stick together. Think of our public 'leaders' of all kinds:

How many of them can we tease?

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