Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Great art exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery

I've been once and am returning to see this amazing exhibition - it's so unusual you can't take it all in within one visit - the mind (mine especially) just can't cope.

Every now and then one comes across an experience that is trully inspiring. The emotional stimulation to ones own motivation is for me the most valuable thing in my life.

The concert at Kendal liesure centre was one such experience with The BBC Philharmonic playing Brahms Third Symphony and Beethowen's Violin Concerto. However for something truly mind blowing, the exibition now on at the Manchester Art Gallery is not to be missed.his is the work of internationally famous Portugese artist Joana Vascocelos in a creation called "Time Machine".

This exhibition ends 1st June 2014 - you've got six weeks to get there!

We need all the inspiration we can get at a times like this! A welcome break from the continuous negativity in the media. Treasure it while it's there.

"I don't work with objects - I work with ideas"

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