Friday, 25 April 2014

Flags in The Gill

Our small team of five have everything prepared ready to put up the flags in the Gill this afternoon.

We had a test run on Wednesday afternoon with the 24 Dancing Flags that go round the Cumbria Way Sculpture in the centre of the Gill. These will be put out by Jennie Dennett and family on Saturday morning even though they will be hidden a little by the arrival of the Fair yesterday. Then others in The Gill area will continue to put the flags out each morning and take them in each night.

The House Flags go up this afternoon with the help of John McArthur and backup John BT. All the flags reflect on an aspect of the houses that they fly from. The flags are on their poles, ladders and tools at the ready. These flags are different to the other flags put up all over town by the "Better Towns Team" later today. They are unrestricted by a rod that was originally used to prevent the flag becoming tangled up. The Gill Team found last year that these rods in fact served no useful purpose in that when flags with rods did get tangled they did not untangle themselves. Flags without rods do occasionally tangle but very quickly they untangle themselves. Furthermore they are far freer to move and flutter in the breeze without their restrictive rods - come see what you think.

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