Sunday, 13 April 2014


Is there a link between eating and our state of mind?

It's one of my highlights in the day: to eat. Meals are very special as then I enjoy very good food. Vegetables that are full of taste from the allotment; home made bread made with differing ingredients; soups that vary almost daily based on what's left over in the fridge rather fixed boring recipes; drinks made from house recipes that can be varied to the whim of the moment and above all cooks who have lots of creative ideas of how to make a meal very appetising.

With this amount of enjoyment available no wonder some people look to food to provide their enjoyment in life especially if they aren't living in a way they enjoy.

Obesity a sign of a nations state of mind?

A friend returns from the States and tells me people are eating masses of food and are in general fat and overweight. A visit to Paris where  its a joy to sit in the cafe´s and watch all the attractive women walk by: not an overweight person to be seen other than those you're pretty sure are visiting foreigners.

Looking around at one's friends and acquaintances: do the bodies of the slim and 'well built' belong to those that are enjoying life and the overweight to those that enjoy their food too much - and what is too much? Personally I don't believe in slimming but rather in living life to the full and being active. Then weight takes care of itself. Life is fun. Does it depend on what we find is 'fun'? A six pack and tele or a run on the fells - or something in between. Dancing to music for me! (Now doing it twice a week and planning for a third).

Oh BTW when where sofas invented?

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