Thursday, 24 April 2014


'The Facts'

 The Staff with their longstanding experience are directed no to actively promote their services. If people walk in and ask questions, the staff will answer them. Thus the sign outside the Coro that states "Ulverston Tourist Information Centre" has been covered over with black tape by the mamger of the Coro, David Phillips only to have it removed by someone who must have read this blog.

Thus at the moment everything looks normal. However what has happened is there is no longer a phone in the Centre that responds to outside enquiries , only for Hall Bookings.

The Staff describe the situation as highly complicated. One problem may weel be funding from within SLDC. To the outsider it looks like the thin (or even quite a fat) end of the wedge towards loosing the TIC altogether.

Hence all the concern on this blog. We need a person to keep a close eye on this situation ( and it's not going to be me - I've too much on my plate already) - over to you out there!

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